A Matter Of Letters

1st Feb 2017

Many a happy brides share their wedding photos with us after the wedding. From our experience looking at so many wedding photo albums over the years, we are making a list of some wedding photo poses that stand out. This post is part of that series...
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Dusty Blue and Cranberry Wedding Colors

25th Jan 2017

Our series on color palettes continues with today's feature of Dusty Blue and Cranberry.All we can say is WOW. These colors bring out some of the best for an Autumn wedding. Besides, this is a season of a one, two, punch. Go from the calm of dust...
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Burnt Orange, Mustard and Gray Wedding Colors

8th Jan 2017

We have been making bridal robes since 2009 and over the years we have been lucky enough to work with literally hundreds of brides, make-up artists, photographers and so many other wedding vendors and have been a part of several styled shoots....
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Hen Night Gift Ideas For The Bride

7th Jan 2017

Nothing shows your bestie how much you love her, then showering her with cute personal gifts on her hen party night. Gifting you best friend on a hen night can be quite a tricky task, as you want it to be fun and something she will always remem...
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​How To Choose Bridesmaids Dresses

5th Jan 2017

You’ve finally found your dream dress? Guess what? A whole new shopping journey begins and this can be quite often more stressful for most brides, than choosing their own dress. We can see you nodding your heads across the screen! Yes! The quest f...
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​Wedding Drinks That Aren’t Champagne

3rd Jan 2017

Weddings without a pop of champagne is one rare sight and completely hard to believe. Yes, weddings and champagne go hand in hand, but the truth remains, that not every guest at your wedding shares a similar love for bubbly. Even though champag...
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Wedding Dress Trends: Caped Gowns

29th Dec 2016

Just as trends change, the wedding runway trend changes from time to time as well. However, one such trend which has not only caught our eyes and held our grip with excitement is the cape trend! No, we are not talking about sporting capes in da...
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​How To Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special

27th Dec 2016

Your bridesmaids are more like your soul sisters and many go ahead to be future god parents of your kids, thus the fact that you are taking out time from your busy wedding schedule, wanting to learn ways to ensure your bridesmaids feel speci...
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