15th Nov 2016

Oh YES! You’re engaged! Once the feeling finally sinks in, you need to let your friends and family know that too right? Now if only shouting from the rooftops was a legit option for sharing the good news. Ah! We Wish! Now, if you’re amongst the crazy...
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​5 Steps to Increase Your Wedding RSVP Response Rate!

11th Nov 2016

“RSVP” the four scariest letters every couple dreads during their weddings. Getting an RSVP from your guests is the most important as well as head breaking thing at the same time. Feels like a double edge sword, doesn’t it? But guess what ladies? If...
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Honeymoon Packing

3rd Nov 2016

You’ve been dreaming of this day for months, No! For once we aren’t talking about your wedding; instead it’s your honeymoon which has got us thinking today! No matter how excited you might be to jet set and go off for your honeymoon, most of you brid...
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Movie Wedding

27th Oct 2016

Every bride wants to feel like a movie star on her big day; stealing the spotlight, being the centre of all attention and making sure every eye on her guest list is solely on hers. Most women are sucker for romantic movies, add a wedding to it and it...
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Wedding bouquet

24th Oct 2016

Wedding bouquet’s are off late the highlight of our weddings; considering these days bouquets are just not about a bunch of few basic flowers, in fact when it comes to these bouquets; couples these day are going all out big, bold and dramatic to achi...
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Wedding last minute detail

20th Oct 2016

Photography: Reverie VP As the saying goes “It’s all about the little details”; Marriage too is a matter of a fact all about the last minute details which most of us tend to overlook as we already have so much on our plate! Before you...
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Wedding Theme

17th Oct 2016

Every great wedding has a theme. 2016 is year all about the themes; from garden wedding to food being served from trucks, you name and it’s trending this year. You too can dictate the theme of your wedding; be it b your favorite color or an era wh...
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How to throw the perfect Bridal Shower!

14th Oct 2016

Photo via  Wedding in a Teacup Jump with Joy! You’ve been asked to be the Maid of Honour. You deserve to be all that excited, but along with that get ready for a journey of a lifetime, especially if you’re setting foot into the worl...
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