Black and White Photographs

27th Oct 2017

As we work with so many brides with their robes for their pre-wedding fun, we are so very thankful when the bride shares her photographs of the wedding with us. We have so much fun designing and custom making the robes, and when we see the wedding...
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Blowing kisses to the Bride

24th Oct 2017

This is a series of wedding pictures about blowing kisses to the bride. As we are so busy designing and custom making wedding robes for the pre-wedding festivities, for the ladies, we are so thankful when the bride shares her wedding photographs w...
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Lilac, Dusty Mauve and Sage Wedding Colors

23rd Oct 2017

Oh my, how heavenly is this color combination. Your wedding will be as gorgeous in colors which say complete serenity. The ladies are in line wearing gowns of lilac, dusty mauve, and sage hues. They blend together perfectly. Actually, the colors...
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​Jewel Tones Wedding Colors

18th Oct 2017

For a dramatic look, try jewel tones. These colors are deep and beautiful. Jewel tones add an array of colors, as seen in the line up of ladies each in her wedding gown. Why, even the groom's suit is glammed with a jewel tone green bow tie. Every asp...
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​Beautiful Back

17th Oct 2017

In the seven years that we have been designing and making custom robes for the bridal party, we have established quite an abundance of photographs that the bride has so graciously shared with us. This series of poses is about the back side of the la...
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Light Blue and Dusty Blue Wedding Colors

14th Oct 2017

Shade of blue all around, and unbelievably charming. Just ask the little attendant. She's in a fairy tale. Come to think of it, so is everyone in this wedding. Be inspired by a wedding cake with a ribbon-like design of light blue and dusty blue....
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