Wedding Dress Trends: Caped Gowns

29th Dec 2016

Just as trends change, the wedding runway trend changes from time to time as well. However, one such trend which has not only caught our eyes and held our grip with excitement is the cape trend! No, we are not talking about sporting capes in da...
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​How To Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special

27th Dec 2016

Your bridesmaids are more like your soul sisters and many go ahead to be future god parents of your kids, thus the fact that you are taking out time from your busy wedding schedule, wanting to learn ways to ensure your bridesmaids feel speci...
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​Winter Wedding Dos and Don’ts

15th Dec 2016

Weddings are no longer a summer affair anymore. With more and more brides opting for off season weddings, winter weddings are becoming the new trend in town. Not only are they on the budget friendly side, but winter weddings bring out the magic...
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Reasons To Love A December Wedding!

13th Dec 2016

Okay! You’re newly engaged! What’s next? Contemplating the month of your wedding? Now, before you get ready to dive your brains into the top 3 months you’d want to get married, we’d want to give you on a rundown on why you should choose Decembe...
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​Engagement Ring Selfies We Love

10th Dec 2016

Admit it: The first thing you wanted to do as soon as the love of your life popped the million dollar question with a ring, so shiny you could almost faint, was take an engagement ring selfie! The engagement ring selfie trend has been taking t...
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Winter Wedding Dresses

3rd Dec 2016

Planning a winter wonderland wedding? It’s all about the delicate snowflakes, romance in the cold crisp air, holiday vibe and cheer all over, visually sounds perfect, doesn’t it? However, the ultimate question remains “What does the bride wear?”...
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24th Nov 2016

It’s no longer about the grand entrance anymore; it’s the Era of the grand memorable exit as well. Your guests will not only remember your wedding for the wedding it was, but also for the crazy wedddtding exit which will have an impact on their minds...
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22nd Nov 2016

Escort cards are a big Must Must at every wedding. After all, your guests need to know where to sit and you definitely don’t need 2 families who don’t see eye to eye sitting next to each other, do you?Escort cards can be the cutest things you hand ou...
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