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“I was blessed to find out that I would still be able to have a healthy life with one kidney” | Pregnancy Interviews

Our customer Megan Drapeau shared her pregnancy journey. Here is a small interview with her.

* Is this your first time having a baby?

I'm a 28 year old Canadian, Medical Secretary pregnant with my first baby. My husband and I just got married last August and decided to try for a baby right away. We were very lucky and got pregnant right away ,we were actively trying which for us was using ovulation test sticks and my favorite App "P Tracker" which was super handy and accurate and actually matched up my ovulation days when I took the tests sticks and they said I was ovulating.

* Can you share your most memorable and the most scariest moments during pregnancy?

We found out we were expecting on Halloween morning October 31st :) that could have been the scariest surprise for hubby haha

The scariest part for me came even before our wedding or trying to conceive, in march of last year ( 2015 ) when I had to have one of my kidneys removed due to a mass growing on it. I was terrified of the biopsy results but was blessed to find out it was non cancerous and I would still be able to have a healthy life with one kidney and it wouldn't affect my chances of becoming pregnant or having a healthy pregnancy.

We see a high risk obstetrician to be closely monitored due to my recent kidney removal, but we have been having a normal and lovely pregnancy. Minus the morning sickness I had for the first 5 months.

* What have you decided to name your baby?

We plan on naming her Finley Claire. We can't wait to meet her!!!!