Black and Gray Wedding Colors

6th Oct 2017

What a different and stunning color combination for a wedding. We were so enamoured with the beautiful wedding cake of gray icing and ribbon like layers. Everything says black and gray, even the bouquet of flowers. Very impressive. Check out the lin...
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Cranberry and Gray Wedding Colors

26th Sep 2017

This is smashing. Simply smashing. So here is what happens when you take a neutral color, such as gray, and pair it with an absolutely exuberant color, as shown here with cranberry. Magic happens. The cranberry is present throughout the wedding in th...
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​Coral and Gray Wedding Colors

21st Apr 2017

Here is a wonderful way to see grey punched up a bit with a brighter color of coral. It added a bright and cheery aspect to the calm of grey. Not to much, not too little.  We have had the pleasure to see so many colo...
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