​Coral and Gray Wedding Colors

21st Apr 2017

Here is a wonderful way to see grey punched up a bit with a brighter color of coral. It added a bright and cheery aspect to the calm of grey. Not to much, not too little.  We have had the pleasure to see so many colo...
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​Sea foam Wedding Colors

19th Apr 2017

The color sea foam can come in different shades of intensity. Here, we show the ladies preparing for the wedding in their beautiful floral robes showing these different colors of sea foam. Of course, the bride stands out in her light color robes....
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​Eggplant and Champagne Wedding Colors

18th Apr 2017

Here is a collage of Eggplant and Champagne. Since purple is the Royal color, and eggplant is a deep, deep purple, we can safely say that this is a truly royal wedding. Even the beautiful ladies of the bridal party can't get away from eggplant, as&...
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Charcoal Gray and Blush Wedding Colors

17th Apr 2017

Of course, the first inspiration for this blog are the beautiful pre-wedding robes we made in floral patterns of the color palette, Blush and Charcoal.  The second inspiration is from the wedding invitation. The blush color simply...
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Blush and Black Wedding Colors

15th Apr 2017

What says "classic" more than the color black. Here we've paired it with the color blush. Our photos show you a black/blush wedding for a Summer wedding, but this combo can be utilized any time of the year. Look at our bride wearing her b...
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​Dusty Blue and Powder Blue Wedding Colors

13th Apr 2017

Picture a tranquil waterfall flowing down a peaceful mountain side. Well, that's what we are reminded of with this collage of the color palette of Dusty Blue and Powder Blue. Even the wedding cake shows the simple beauty of a cascading array of simp...
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Dusty Blue and Gold Wedding Colors

12th Apr 2017

When we first viewed this wedding combination, we though, "AWE". That's short for AWESOME. Which color is more charming? The dusty blue, or the gold. Each color, shown on the robes of the bridal party, stands on its own. It's really a beautiful...
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Blush, Peach & Dusty Blue Wedding Colors

11th Apr 2017

We've collected some photos to give you a look at the lovely combination of blush, peach, and dusty blue. This combo relates to softness, yet fun. One suggestion is to offer your guests an assortment of fanciful cookies, each adorned with...
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