Infinite Cuteness of Flower Girls

28th Jun 2018

We have curated set of photos in this pose on pinterest, don't forget to follow that board here.Customize your flower girl robes matching to your bridesmaids with variety of gorgeous pattern....
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Princesses in Tiara

4th Dec 2017

A bride, and her bridal party are princesses, for a day to remember. As a princess, one needs a tiara. Why not one made from flowers? This set of pictures show the beautiful ladies, and the flower girls wearing beautiful head pieces. A tiara can a...
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Focus on ring

23rd Nov 2017

When a girl gets engaged, everyone wants to see the engagement ring. When she is married, everyone wants to see the engagement AND the wedding ring. Nothing makes her feel better than when she is asked to show these rings. Here we show photos of t...
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Having Fun

1st Nov 2017

How many times do a bunch of people get together for a really Funtime? Sometimes not too often, so why not capture the moments of fun to have as memories for a lifetime. Here we show Having Fun picture of weddings. Acting silly with food, or ju...
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​ Bride in focus

28th Oct 2017

So really, who seems to be the most photographed person in a wedding? THE BRIDE! Therefore, you had better have her picture in focus. This series of pictures is titled, Bride in Focus. Even when photographing the whole wedding party, there is some...
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Black and White Photographs

27th Oct 2017

As we work with so many brides with their robes for their pre-wedding fun, we are so very thankful when the bride shares her photographs of the wedding with us. We have so much fun designing and custom making the robes, and when we see the wedding...
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Blowing kisses to the Bride

24th Oct 2017

This is a series of wedding pictures about blowing kisses to the bride. As we are so busy designing and custom making wedding robes for the pre-wedding festivities, for the ladies, we are so thankful when the bride shares her wedding photographs w...
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​Beautiful Back

17th Oct 2017

In the seven years that we have been designing and making custom robes for the bridal party, we have established quite an abundance of photographs that the bride has so graciously shared with us. This series of poses is about the back side of the la...
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By The Pool

13th Oct 2017

Aw, relaxing poolside, and having fun too. This series of pictures are of the ladies, full of happiness, by the swimming pool. There is plenty to splash about, for it's a festival of memories for a lifetime. We love these pictures not only for the...
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