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“The most memorable part of my pregnancy was the actual delivery day.” | Pregnancy Interviews

Our customer Angela Burkhart wore our Navy Blue Floral Posy Maternity robe for her hospital pictures and shared them with us and also shared her pregnancy journey. Here is a small interview with her.

Is this your first time having a baby?

This is my first baby.

Can you share your most memorable and the most scariest moments during pregnancy?

The most scary part of my pregnancy was when I got into a small fender bender and had to go to the hospital to be checked out. Everything turned out fine but it was nerve wrecking all the same.

The most memorable part of my pregnancy was the actual delivery day. The day after Father's Day I drove myself to the hospital because I just wasn't feeling right and was having some little pains on and off. When I got there and they checked me I was already 9 cm dilated! I called my husband (a garbage man) and he drove to the hospital and parked his trash truck in the road with the hazard lights on! Our son was born completely naturally 4 hours later.

What tips will you give to other moms and would-be moms?(Dietary tips, Exercise tips etc)

My biggest tip for women is to look at trusted sources for your information and ask questions. I was so prepared for the struggles of breastfeeding because I had researched it so much. And tell people exactly what you want. Stand firm. I argued with my doctor about not getting scheduling a c section and not getting an episiotomy. Because of that, my whole birth experience was pretty much exactly what I wanted.

What have you decided to name your baby?

We ended up naming him Archer August. My husband is a bow hunter so that was our inspiration for Archer and August is a family name on my side.