​Jewel Tones Wedding Colors

18th Oct 2017

For a dramatic look, try jewel tones. These colors are deep and beautiful. Jewel tones add an array of colors, as seen in the line up of ladies each in her wedding gown. Why, even the groom's suit is glammed with a jewel tone green bow tie. Every asp...
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​Beautiful Back

17th Oct 2017

In the seven years that we have been designing and making custom robes for the bridal party, we have established quite an abundance of photographs that the bride has so graciously shared with us. This series of poses is about the back side of the la...
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Light Blue and Dusty Blue Wedding Colors

14th Oct 2017

Shade of blue all around, and unbelievably charming. Just ask the little attendant. She's in a fairy tale. Come to think of it, so is everyone in this wedding. Be inspired by a wedding cake with a ribbon-like design of light blue and dusty blue....
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By The Pool

13th Oct 2017

Aw, relaxing poolside, and having fun too. This series of pictures are of the ladies, full of happiness, by the swimming pool. There is plenty to splash about, for it's a festival of memories for a lifetime. We love these pictures not only for the...
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Ivory, Coral and Forest Green Wedding Colors

12th Oct 2017

What a wonderful color palette. Whether held in hands, decorating a wedding cake, or adorning a beautiful table, flowers are alive in ivory, coral, and forest green colors. Imagine your bridesmaid wearing a lovely gown matching this color theme. T...
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Ivory, Blush and Soft Sage Wedding Colors

11th Oct 2017

Well, we have to say, first of all, our robes, for this wedding are perfect. They are an ensemble of all of the wedding colors in one beautiful pattern. Must say, perfect. Moving on, the essence of this wedding is so peaceful and tranquil, it ta...
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