Dusty Blue and Gold Wedding Color Robes - Premium Rayon Collection


I have been lucky enough to get a chance to work with so many creative and inspiring brides over the years who chose Silkandmore. These brides came up with their unique, exciting wedding color palettes and I kept coming up with designs & colors to meet them.

Now my fabric range is so wide that Silkandmore is the only place on the web where you can get bridal robes exactly as per your wedding colors.

I have arranged my getting ready robes by popular wedding colors so that you can get a good visual idea of how they compliment your wedding color palette. The robes in above picture are for Dusty Blue and Gold wedding color scheme. You can see how each pattern contributes in its unique way to the charm of the robe and can match personalities of your bridesmaids. I have also put up some collage pictures of Dusty Blue and Gold themed wedding to give you an idea of how our robes will fit in with the theme. Choosing a mix of your wedding colors can give a charming touch to the getting ready day. And these will also fit in very well with the wedding pictures.

So these particular robes would be perfect for a variety of wedding color themes -

* Dusty Blue and Spicy Mustard wedding scheme
* Dusty Blue, Powder Blue and Gold Wedding Colors
* Shades of Dusty Blue and Gold wedding color theme
* Powder Blue, Dusty Blue and Mustard wedding colors
* Dusty Blue, Powder Blue, Dusky Blue, Mustard and Gold wedding color palette

These robes are from our new Premium Collection, it has

- Dreamy floral patterns
- Wider Kimono sleeves
- Wider Lapels and Belts
- Softer Rayon fabric which is more elegant than cotton but still natural fabric.
- No see-through issues, you don't need to purchase liners for these robes.

To purchase any of the robes form above, simply select the relevant robe of your choice and add to cart, giving sizing and color specifications of each bridesmaid. Also, please specify where you want the robes to fall, i.e. ankle length, knee length, etc.

All our robes are lovingly made to your specifications so that they look exactly as you visualize for the big day.

Material and Sizing:
These robes are made of rayon. This is a natural breathable fabric which is very soft and keeps getting softer with every wash. Below is our size guide:

Premium Bridesmaid robes by robesbysilkandmore

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Dusty Blue and Gold Wedding Color Robes
Dusty Blue and Gold Wedding Colors
Dusty Blue and Gold Wedding Color Robes
Dusty Blue and Gold Wedding Color Scheme
Dusty Blue and Gold Wedding Color Robes
Dusty Blue and Gold Wedding Color Palette
Dusty Blue and Gold Wedding Color Theme