Peach Cabbage Roses Knee length Maternity Robe

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This robe is perfect for both moms and to be moms.
As this is a crossover robe that opens in front so this will also work great as a nursing gown.
This will also make a lovely hospital gown. Please note these ones don't have buttons in the back. If you also want buttons in the back for easy access for epidural anaesthesia, please select the option when purchasing the product.

You can also choose matching Swaddle for your newborn. This will make for amazing hospital pictures. Swaddle is 41 by 41 inches in length.

 Material and Sizing: These robes are crafted using 100% cotton which tends to get softer with every wash. I just need your pre-maternity size to make this robe. Also, please specify where you want the robe to fall, i.e. ankle length, knee length, etc.


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 Peach Cabbage Roses Maternity Robe
Peach Cabbage Roses Knee length Maternity Robe
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