Sage and Plum Wedding Color PJs in Off-Shoulder Style


We have been lucky enough to get a chance to work with so many creative and inspiring brides over the years who chose Silkandmore. These brides came up with their unique, exciting wedding color palettes and we kept coming up with designs & colors to meet them.

Now our fabric range is so wide that Silkandmore is the only place on the web where you can get bridesmaids pjs exactly as per your wedding colors.

The pjs in above pic would be perfect for all of these wedding color themes:

* Grayed Jade, Sage and Plum wedding scheme
* Jade and Plum Wedding Colors
* Shades of Plum and Sage wedding color theme
* Grayed Jade, Sage, Olive Green, Plum, Eggplant, Wine and Burgundy wedding color palette

This is part of our new PJ set collection this season. The photo you see above is of off-shoulder style Pj set. The top in this style comes with off-shoulder.

We have made these pyjama sets in long and short version. The longer ones can go with the comfy, peaceful vibe and many mother of the bride/groom also prefer it. If you want sexier or more chic look, you go for the shorts. In the pictures, you can see both the versions to get a better idea.

This year, we have also focused on the fabric prints and come out with many new designs and colors. 

Below is our size guide:


Size guide for bridesmaids robes

Sage and Plum Wedding Color PJs in Off-Shoulder Style_full length
Sage and Plum Wedding Color PJs in Off-Shoulder Style