Set of Bridesmaids Robes- Coral Large Floral Blossom


Add some floral charm to your wedding with these lovely coral color large floral blossom bridesmaids wedding robes. These robes are in our bestseller "large floral blossom" pattern which has large flowers blossoming through out the fabric with base color of choice. Floral bridesmaids robes for getting ready in on the big day - a memorable bridesmaids gift for your girls. 

How to buy:
Please select the number of robes you need & your choice of pattern and checkout from here. You will then be emailed a sizing form where you can customize the robes with sizes & choice of colors for each of the bridesmaids and the bride. 

The robes are crafted using 100% mulmul cotton which tends to get softer with every wash. 

Personalisation Options:
You can choose to add a personal touch to the robes by adding the monograms or embroidering the names of your bridesmaids. Please purchase the following item along with your robes:
Customize your robes with embroidery/monograms

Pricing Chart for Set of robes:

Set of 1 bridesmaids robe $25       Set of 16 bridesmaids robes $400
Set of 2 bridesmaids robes $50       Set of 17 bridesmaids robes $425
Set of 3 bridesmaids robes $75       Set of 18 bridesmaids robes $450
Set of 4 bridesmaids robes $100     Set of 19 bridesmaids robes $475
Set of 5 bridesmaids robes $125     Set of 20 bridesmaids robes $500
Set of 6 bridesmaids robes $150     Set of 21 bridesmaids robes $525
Set of 7 bridesmaids robes $175     Set of 22 bridesmaids robes $550
Set of 8 bridesmaids robes $200     Set of 23 bridesmaids robes $575
Set of 9 bridesmaids robes $225     Set of 24 bridesmaids robes $600
Set of 10 bridesmaids robes $250   Set of 25 bridesmaids robes $625
Set of 11 bridesmaids robes $275   Set of 26 bridesmaids robes $650
Set of 12 bridesmaids robes $300   Set of 27 bridesmaids robes $675
Set of 13 bridesmaids robes $325   Set of 28 bridesmaids robes $700
Set of 14 bridesmaids robes $350   Set of 29 bridesmaids robes $725
Set of 15 bridesmaids robes $375   Set of 30 bridesmaids robes $750

Set of 6 Bridesmaids Robes in Coral Large Floral Blossom - Floral wedding Robes
Set of 8 Bridesmaids Roes in White Floral Posy- Floral wedding Robes
Set of 9 Bridesmaids Roes in Yellow Sunflower- Floral wedding Robes
Set of 2 Bridesmaids Robes in White Sunflower- Floral wedding Robes
Set of 5 Bridesmaids Robes in Gray Floral Posy- Floral wedding Robes
Set of 5 Bridesmaids Robes in Navy Blue Red Rosy Posy- Floral wedding Robes
Set of 8 Bridesmaids Roes in Mint Floral Posy- Floral wedding Robes