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5 Mistakes Bridesmaids always make!

We all know being a bridesmaid is a demanding job. You’ve read a dozen bridal magazines, tons of bridesmaid survivor guides and yet when you begin to plan it there are things which still go wrong or just plain left out. Hey! We don’t blame you at all. We get the pressure; it’s more like studying round the clock and somehow still kind of blanking of at your exam. Since, we know you’re going through crazy tons of emotions, happiness, excitement and nervousness at the same time, we thought of letting you in a secret and make your bridesmaid duty a little bit easier. You can finally breathe a sigh of relief as we've outlined five oops-worthy offenders to steer clear throughout the wedding ceremony as you're getting ready to stand next to your BFF on her big Day. Are you ready?

Wearing a brand new pair of High Heels! h.jpg

Girls! The ceremony is going to last all day long! Moreover, you’re her bridesmaid her pillar, she’s going to need you running the most making sure everything thing is in place and the bride is as relaxed as she can be. Think of it more like a happy marathon, you wouldn’t wear your highest heels to run at a marathon would you? So, save your pretty feet the unbearable pain and opt for cute comfy flats instead.

Failing to plan for sudden setbacks


Stuff happens! It’s a huge wedding after all, but trust us its more than normal. Fingers crossed, you won't have to deal with too many wedding hiccups. Keep your emergency kit always in handy with stuff from stain removers, safety pins to Q tips all in handy. You never know when who might need them! Trust us, you'll be glad you did.

Showing Up Empty-Handed


We get it you’re the bridesmaid and you may feel that because you're a bridesmaid, you don't need to bring a gift to the bridal shower or the wedding as you’re already doing so much. Yes! The bride really does appreciate that, but try getting in at least a cute DIY card or a DIY gift which will hold memories of you two.

Going MIA on the Wedding Morning


Even though the ceremony may start later in the afternoon, the morning of the wedding is usually the time where the bride must be surrounded by the people whom she loves the most. Now, if she’s asked you to be her bridesmaid, you are pretty much at the top of that ladder. Be there from the wee hours of morning just in case she needs something or just to talk to her. Your company is all she needs!

Wearing out at the open bar


Last but not the least, we all love a glass of bubbly, especially since it’s your best friend’s wedding. Go ahead and have fun, but don’t go overboard, since it's important to stay present and alert during the reception in case the bride needs your help with something or there's a last-minute emergency. So stay alert and may be you can carry an entire bottle while heading back home. Sounds like a plan?

Just in case your guests need little heads up as to where the bar is, these wedding signs will do you wonders and save up half your efforts.