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5 Steps to Increase Your Wedding RSVP Response Rate!

“RSVP” the four scariest letters every couple dreads during their weddings. Getting an RSVP from your guests is the most important as well as head breaking thing at the same time. Feels like a double edge sword, doesn’t it? But guess what ladies? If done right getting a revert from your guest can be the most easy – peasy thing ever! So, let go of your worries, gone are the days, where your guests just open your invites and take forever to reply or more likely even forget about it, as we have come up with a 5 point guide for you to follow, to increase your RSVP response rate and not your heart rate!


Time It Right



Timing is the key when it comes to handing out RSVP invites. Make sure you send your invites six to eight weeks before the week, nothing prior and nothing more delayed, as this will give them just the right time for them to schedule their other plans accordingly around the wedding and not have to cancel coming to your wedding instead.

It’s all about option


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We all love options even in our day to day chores, so what better way to get rsvp and make your life much smoother by giving your guests some more options, rather than the traditional post card invites. Its only when you have you confirmed guest list you can start off with your seating arrangement, so instead of hounding your guests, all you need to do is give them two or three platform where they can rsvp about their presence. The earlier you have your guest list in place the better for you right?

Choose the right wording


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Many times your guests don’t know how to decline an invite or what excuse they can go ahead and give to not make it sound harsh while reverting back to you, so they just land up not getting back to you at all. So, instead of let them choosing their words, you choose your words for them to tick it off on the correct box and revert on the same without having to say one word. Sounds good?

Ask for song requests


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It’s all about keep the engagement going between you and your guests throughout the entire wedding process. Now what better way to keep your guests hooked, than asking them to make a request of the song they love, so they will more than look forward to dancing on its tune at your reception? Bonus? You get an instant rsvp as well.

What better way to thank your dancing guests for an instant RSVP, than guiding them to the dance floor and party section properly with some wedding signs guiding them to exactly where they want to be. Click here to get more Wedding Signs.

Crack a Deadline Joke:


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Everyone appreciates a joke, obviously in good humor though! Don’t add pressure on your guests with straight up harsh deadlines, instead make a joke out of it without even the guests feeling the pressure and replying to you instead. For example “Please reply by…..or you won’t get any wedding cake!”