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5 Things every Bride should never forget to do on her wedding day!

It’s not called “Wedding Nerves” for no reason! It’s your big big day, you have waited for this day I guess since the age of two and it’s finally happening right in front of your eyes and the feeling has just started to sink in. It’s a few hours before you walk down the aisle to turn from Ms to Mrs. and your nerves are going all over the place. Now, before this day passes so quickly right in front of your eyes, here is quick last minute guide on all the little things you should not forget to do on your wedding day, so you can enjoy each and every moment of your big day.

5. Appreciate the Moment

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Your whole world is turning a 360 in the best way possible and there is so much happening around. It can be easy to get lost in the all the madness, but remember to appreciate each and every moment right from walking down the aisle, cutting the cake to your first dance. After all its something what you always wanted right? So don’t let these precious memories go away and relish every single moment, leaving everything you have on your mind aside.

4. Take a Snack Break

Chatting with friends and family may be one of the highlights of any wedding, but it is impossible to hold a conversation when your only meal of the day was a spoonful of yogurt at breakfast. After all you need energy to survive through the wedding to make it to the dance floor right? Put your bridesmaids and maid of honor on food duty, so they ensure your tummy is pretty full.

3. Spend Time with Your Parents

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As special as this day maybe for you, don’t forget your parents, After all, you’re their darling daughter and it’s an equally emotional day for them too! This day wouldn’t be special if not for your parents and your loved ones, so go ahead and make the most of this day spending time with them as well.

2. Take Some Time for Yourself

A bride is always surrounded by her bridesmaids, family, new husband, and guests during her nuptials, but what you need before all the craziness begins is a moment alone to yourself. Take a couple of moments away from everyone, maybe just to think happy thoughts about how you and your groom landed up to this big day or how everything is finally fallen in place. It’s your time, just be happy within, before you join your entire wedding squad.


Finally breathe! Inhale and exhale; calm all your nerves down, unless you want to be remembered by your friends and fiance as a frantic bride. Let go of all the minute wedding details bothering you. Trust us, they won’t even matter. Just go and celebrate your own damn wedding.