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Why is our Boudoir Robe Collection the ultimate bridal shower gift for her?

Why is our Boudoir Robe Collection the ultimate bridal shower gift for her?

Bare, minimalistic, and raw - the true essence of a bridal boudoir. As a bride there are multiple occasions to stand in front of the camera but every single one of them is planned to a T and adorned with several different things to accentuate the bride’s beauty - Whether it’s an engagement picture, getting ready shoot or a first-look photo, everything is a well thought out effort to enhance what the bride has. Bridal boudoir is the only time a bride gets to truly explore and exhibit who she already is deep within - bare, minimalistic, and raw.

The inception of our Boudoir Robe Collection was rooted in a simple thought. We wanted to bring out the perfect amount of edginess, passion, and intensity effortlessly every time a woman slid in one of our robes. The lace, the cloth, the cut, the fit, the sheer, everything exudes sex appeal and elegance of the woman wearing it.

Bridal shower gifts can be tricky. Guess, it won’t be anymore once you know how flexible, accessible, and affordable our entire bridal boudoir range is.

Our Robes make for the perfect Boudoir Photography Outfit

Posing in lingerie in a very intimate setting can be intimidating. Our robes are created to infuse a dash of confidence within the woman wearing them. The fact that they not only feel good on the body but also look endearing in all the steamy images makes them a tactile and visual treat. Pick any of our outfits and it will help the bride create magic for her dreamy pre-wedding photoshoot.

Works for many special occasions

Who doesn’t like a gift that works for many special occasions beyond the big day? Our Boudoir robes can be worn as classic bridal robes for pre-wedding getting ready pictures or for a bridal boudoir shoot, but, that’s not it. They can also be recycled as exciting Honeymoon/ Valentine’s lingerie wear.

There’s never a time to stop creating fun and flirty looks with our boudoir robes.

Easily customized to every last detail

We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all idea of making robes. We keep an eye for every small detail and so can you. Our boudoir robes flatter all body types, come in all sizes, and are modified to every last inch. We are known for our easy and meticulous customization process and we take great pride in it. Whether it comes to the size, the height, the correct length preference, or the sheerness of your robe, we have it covered for you. It’s made specifically for the woman it’s bought for and we ensure it feels like so too.

A gratifying look back

Our tasteful designs empower women wearing our brand forever. It’s not just the fleeting moments before the big day that our robes serve but also the forthcoming years of looking back at them. Imagine looking back at these steamy, beautiful outfits and sensual images in maybe 10 or 20 years’ time, when you realize how sexy, confident, and elegant you were in this phase.

You would certainly want to wear something timeless and that’s what we create.

Ordering multiple robes at a time is easier

Try adding multiple boudoir items to your cart based on different customization needs and you will know our site is built to make your shopping experience hassle-free. You can go for a different length, color, or size preference for each robe you add to your cart. Some robes look good a few inches above the knee, while some appeal when they’re in a different color. The bottom line is we always keep room for experimenting.

Customer testimonials that make us feel we made a difference in someone’s special day

We’ve had some incredible women write to us conveying how empowered and confident our bridal boudoir robes made them feel in their own skin and honestly we find this aspect of creation invaluable. Creating something on paper is one thing but seeing women draped around them, feeling their personal best is a whole different thing. 

                            Check out a few picks of bridal boudoir robes from our archives: 

                                       Oh Brooke White Floral Lace Bridal Boudoir Robe

                                    Oh Heather White Scalloped Lace Bridal Boudoir Robe

                                                Oh Callie White Lace Bridal Boudoir Robe

                                       Oh Clara Ivory Butterfly Lace Bridal Boudoir Robe

                                    Oh Isabelle White Scalloped Lace Bridal Boudoir Robe

                                           Oh Flora Ivory Floral Lace Bridal Boudoir Robe