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The day you dream of from your childhood has finally come. You already know who your bridesmaids are going to be, you’ve visualized your dress from the age of FIVE, so choosing your dress should be a piece of cake. Now comes the tough part! Choosing your bridesmaids dress, the toughest decision you can ever make. Yes! Tougher than your own D Day dress! (We can see all the to be brides nodding their heads!)

OKAY! Listen up To – Be brides, your bridesmaids can look just as well stunning without stealing your charm. With all bridal designers putting their best fashion foot forward when its coming to bridesmaid couture, why let your bridesmaid take the backseat? Trust us, you’re still going to be the center of attention and their stunning dresses are just going to elevate your look.

Now finally bid goodbyes to the notoriously hard task of “Bridesmaid Dress” shopping days, as we take off the load from your shoulders by giving you a fresh take on what dresses you can slide onto your pretty bridesmaids.

Tea Length:

Don’t you just love how chic and classy a dress can look by just adding a touch to its length. Tea length dresses are dresses which fall just below the knee or touch our calf’s. Not only does this length make your bridesmaids look all Va Va Voom but also give a dash of retro touch to the entire look.



One Shoulder:

One shoulder dresses are the perfect solution, if your bridesmaids don’t want to go the strapless way. Not only do they look elegant, but also give all the bonus points on the glam quotient as well. What else can your girls ask for?

PIC: Pinterest

Two Piece:

Doesn’t this picture give you a youthful, fresh and fun vibe? If you’re nodding out there, then this two-piece dress is the exact thing your bridesmaid’s need to be sporting, cause after all your wedding is all about having a blast! Isn’t it?


Which girl isn’t fond of some bling and sparkle? Now, when you have the choice of incorporating that sparkly vibe in your bridesmaid’s dress then why the hell not? Your girls are definitely going to be making you shine like a bright diamond at the atlar!


Once Daily Chic.


If you’re the Daring Bold Bride, then nothing can get between you and your love affair with black. So what if you can’t wear black to your own wedding, you can definitely make sure your girls do! 

Pic : Pinterest


A little bit of peek a boo never hurt no one! So, why not show off your bridesmaids sexy backs? Your bridesmaids are going to love you for this choice, trust us!


Mix and Match:

When all your bridesmaids have “STUBBORN” minds of their own, this is your best way to run out keeping them all happy and avoiding them from entering the BRIDESMAIDS- ZILLA mode!


The classiest and evergreen trend of the lot! These pastels will leave your bridesmaids looking breathless regardless of which dress style they go



Yes! This is one of the most copied after trends in the recent times. Don’t worry, these bridesmaids will just add on to your spotlight and not steal your limelight away. So, if you have white themed wedding or up for something bold and fresh, white is the way to go!