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“Due to my stage 4 endometriosis not only were my pains more intense because of the endo but ” | Pregnancy Interviews

“Due to my stage 4 endometriosis not only were my pains more intense because of the endo but ” | Pregnancy Interviews

Our customer Brittany Petty wore our Navy Blue Sunflower Maternity robe and shared some of her pictures with us and also shared her pregnancy journey. Here is a small interview with her.

* Is this your first time having a baby?

Yes, and no we had a miscarriage in June 2014 at 13 weeks after trying for a year and half (with fertility meds). But to (hopefully term) yes, this is our first

* Can you share your most memorable and the most scariest moments during pregnancy?

Most memorable experience: Well I guess I have 2 thus far the first was when they finally were able to determine gender. (It took 3 times due to our stubborn little miss) this for me was when she finally became a person not just the fetus in my body. I remember the day so well we were lucky to be able to go to a non medical facility to have gender determination done before 20'weeks so it was just my husband and I there and she finally turned and opened her legs and there like you have a little girl. I instantly started crying (damn hormones) and then panic struck me because I was afraid my husband would have wanted a boy (I personally didn't care if it was a unicorn at this point) and he had the biggest smile on his face. And that's when our fetus became Lennox❤️

Scariest was during the beginning of my 2nd trimester. We had just announced and to be honest we were petrified because we announced 6 days prior to our miscarriage so announcing was very emotional for us. But I started having Y ligament pains. But due to my stage 4 endometriosis not only were my pains more intense because of the endo but during the 6 weeks between surgery and conceiving Lennox I had another Endometrioma (huge cyst full of endometrial tissue) grow on my left ovary. So the pain was quite intense and though it definitely wasn't miscarriage pain it definitely made me worry that at any moment my dream would be gone.

* What tips will you give to other moms and would-be moms?(Dietary tips, Exercise tips etc)

yeah I really don't have any. Other than educate yourself, knowledge is power so never be the dumbest person in the room. I probably drive my doctor insane but I ask the most outrageous questions because I'd rather be prepared for the worst than hope for the best. (Can you tell I'm a realist)

Example: throughout this pregnancy we have had very small goals

1. Get to 13 weeks (miscarriage decrease significantly after 13 weeks)

2. Get to 24 weeks pregnant (at 24 weeks they will at least attempt to try to save your baby in the event something is to happen.)

3. 35 weeks (which we're still working towards) We are planning on having our daughter at one of the smaller hospitals here in VT so there's no neonatal unit available so prior to 35 weeks we would be shipped to DHMC which is the large hospital about an hour south of us, meaning my doctor wouldn't deliver Lennox.

4. Sept 26 - this is Lennox eviction date as I also have gestational diabetes so if she's not out by this date, she's getting her eviction notice

* What have you decided to name your baby?

Lennox Mila Rae Petty

(Mila means Miracle)