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Escort cards are a big Must Must at every wedding. After all, your guests need to know where to sit and you definitely don’t need 2 families who don’t see eye to eye sitting next to each other, do you?

Escort cards can be the cutest things you hand out to your guests; to top that, if you’re planning a seaside wedding, what better way to escort your guests to their seats overlooking crashing waves, by being creative and handing over beach theme escort cards?

To help you get creative with your nautical theme wedding, we give you few sea side inspirations ranging from anchors to boats and seashells, there are so many fun ways to incorporate your love for the sea into your wedding day, giving guests a welcome as warm at your seaside celebration.

Caroline Tran Photography andElizabeth Anne Designs


Stephanie Hunter

A piece of driftwood is all you need, to navigate your guests in the right direction. All you need to is anchor your cards on this wood and Voila! Time to sail away with your DIY cards.

Mini Buoys

Functional, easy and super cute three of our favorite qualities in wedding details. Bonus? Your guests can always use them later as mini key chains.

Anchor Bottle Openers

Just as mini buoys, these super clever and useful anchor bottle openers are something which your guests can take back home. These escort cards will definitely make your wedding memorable not just for you, but them too!

Deck Chairs

Uh- Dorable! That’s the only word which comes to our mind after seeing these deck chair cards. Were sure you’re guests too will be all gaga over them. Don’t you agree?

Messages in a Bottle

Your wedding guests are going to love these little "message in a bottle" escort cards.

Its super clever, inexpensive and budget friendly; a double thumbs up from our end! All you need is a bottle, piece of paper and a miniature cork topped vial for every guest and let the magic of the bottle unfold, while you place these miniatures on a dish filled with some sand to complete the entire look.

Cabinet Of the Sea

Bryan Gardner

Doesn’t a display of shells and every other ocean element just satisfy your seashore taste bud? Go On! And display everything you spot at the sea with pluck cards of your guest’s name to set the tone for a seashore wedding. Trust us, these DIY escort card ideas will happily point your guests in the direction of their seats.

Shell Escort Card Holders

Pic: pinterest

We all have heard the famous saying “She sells sea shells on the sea shore” Okay! Let’s not literally sell them, but what about handing out these pretty seashells to your guests at your wedding? Instead of the usual numbers, use different shells to represent different tables. Perfect for your seaside wedding, as these shells clasp your names inside; as if bearing treasures from the sea.

Parasol Escort Cards

Bryan Gardner

Every beach calls for shack pads and every shack pad calls for umbrellas, so can we miss out on something as cute as this. These cheerfully colored umbrellas with your seating arrangements on it add the much needed cheerful vibe to your entire summer wedding.


Pic: Pinterest

Another accessory on the list which your guests can take back while heading home. You never know who might even land up taking up on their world tour expeditions as well and remembering you from all across the country.