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Fabulously Fun Ways to Incorporate Glitter Into Your Wedding

Fabulously Fun Ways to Incorporate Glitter Into Your Wedding

It’s your Big day to shine and that by no means is an excuse for your  wedding gown to be the only thing that should shine bright ! Brides these days desire their wedding to be all glam or at least have subtle touches of glitter incorporated throughout the wedding ceremony. After all, its these subtle hints of glitter that take your wedding décor up a notch. Don’t they?

If you’re looking out for fun ways to incorporate these glistening details into your wedding as well, then we have nailed down a list especially for you. So be ready to add some sparkly glam in the most sophisticated and fabulous ways! Are you ready for some glitspiration?


Table Runners

A stunning gold sequin table runner make for glamorous first impression. You can choose to opt for mix and match by switching these glitter runners for alternate tables as well. They act as the perfect touches to elevate any table setting.

Sky full of Diamonds

You surely don’t need bits of rice and tissues thrown at you like the olden days, while you emerge from your wedding ceremony. Instead, have a nice fabulous sparkly welcome, with your guests greeting you with shower of sparkles and sequins with boxes of glitter confetti. Bonus? They make for fab-u-lous pictures.

Getting Ready Robes

If wedding glitter doesn’t suffice and you want some pre - wedding glam in your getting ready party as well, we have got your entire bridal party covered. These gold robes are the perfect accessory for you and your girls, while you are having a gala affair and creating unforgettable memories. Bonus? They make for perfect glamorous pictures.  Royal-Gold-Shimmery-Sparkly-Robes.

Glittery Aisle

Foil balloons

Who doesn’t love balloons? In fact, given an opportunity we'd decorate every occasion with balloons if it were possible. So, go ahead and incorporate the trendy 'love' balloons in your wedding to add a pop of gold foil glamour.

Glitter Photo-Op!

Glitter can be way to addictive and another great way to incorporate your glitter addiction into your wedding day is by staging a glittering fairy-tale-like photo. Distribute a handful of glitter to your bridal party and get ready to blow. Are you ready for a sparkly event?


Bejewelled Bouquet

If you’re the bride who loves glitter like crazy, then it’s time to be bold and different. Incorporate your sparkly addiction in the form of a 'brooch bouquet'. These glittery creations will make you dazzle while walking down the aisle. Bonus? This can be kept as forever reminder.


One of the subtlest ways to incorporate your glitter fever into your wedding is adding subtle sparkle all the way into your place cards.


Edible sparkly sweet treats are always a fun and catchy surprise for your dessert table. Treat your guests to a sweet and sparkly cake. A treat to the eye and the tummy, isn’t it?

Bubbly Champagne.

Upgrade your mini champagne bottles with a dazzling glittery makeover. They can also act as the perfect centre pieces for your tables as well.

Chair Décor

Drape your wedding guest chairs with glimmering gold sequin chair covers to add some drama to the event.