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Hen Night Gift Ideas For The Bride

Hen Night Gift Ideas For The Bride

Nothing shows your bestie how much you love her, then showering her with cute personal gifts on her hen party night. Gifting you best friend on a hen night can be quite a tricky task, as you want it to be fun and something she will always remember. If your hen night is right around the corner and you’ve been brainstorming over the perfect gift for the To be Bride, then we have lined up our Top things which you can give her to make the night a fun and memorable one. So, get set for a hen weekend which won’t be forgotten in a hurry!

Things I Love About You Scrapbook

Want to make your bestie all teary eyed and nostalgic? Then, nothing will shower more love to your soul sister, than a scrapbook stating the reasons you love her and taking her back in time as to how you guys met. One of the simplest, but meaningful things to gift. Get all the lovely hen bridal party to come together and take your bride to be back in memory lane.

P.S: Keep some box of tissues in handy. Tears are going to be running down all your pretty faces!

Bedroom Secrets

What better way to make the bride and groom both happy, than gifting her a sexy pair of lace bridal boudoir robe. Perfect for your To be Bride to tease her groomy all through the first night and carry it along for her honeymoon as well.

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Piece of artwork

All you need is clear background to get all the hens to write their personal messages, sign and seal the gift with a kiss.


Letter to the Bride

If the “I love you scrapbook” doesn’t work and you wish to add more detailing and sentimental value to it, the best way to do it is club a letter from all the hens and bind it to a book. Trust us, she’s going to be completely blown away!


Bag of Goodies:

There are tons of things which a bride needs just before her wedding and what better way to be her genie, than fulfil her wishes with a bag of goodies. You can add whatever you wish to right from bed room honeymoon essentials, to few of her favourite things and gift her at the end of the hen night. Get as creative as you want, and add the unexpected to make it a fun goody bag.


Message On A Bottle

One of the most classic gifts you can give the bride to be is message on a bottle. All you need is a bottle of the couples favourite bubbly, which they can pop open on their wedding night. So, call out all hens to sign the bottle with cute messages for the couple.

Customised underwear

Don’t be surprised. Hen nights are after all meant to be a whole lot fun. Its time splash on a pair of undergarment which she can wear on her wedding night, with a creative sense of customised humour bejewelled on it.


Recipes for the Perfect Marriage Cookbook

Lastly, we all know a way to man’s heart is through his stomach! So, why not do some research, find out the grooms favourite dishes and compile all of them down in a book. This is a win win, because it’ll not only be just her thanking you for this, but the groom as well. The Mrs will cherish this book for years to come.