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Honeymoon Packing

You’ve been dreaming of this day for months, No! For once we aren’t talking about your wedding; instead it’s your honeymoon which has got us thinking today! No matter how excited you might be to jet set and go off for your honeymoon, most of you brides sit and procrastinate till the very last minute to actually get your bags packing and that’s when the Panic Mode sets in.

Instead of panicking and not getting any work done, take a minute breathe and let us help you pack like a pro, before you sail off on your romantic adventure. Now, packing for your honeymoon can be quite a tricky task, as it all depends on locations and weather conditions! So go ahead do your research as that department can be done by you and you only and come back to us as we give you our list of things, you’ll need to help you sail through your honeymoon with ease.



Cruising around



If you have planned to sail all through your honeymoon, then a resort wear maxi dress is a total must. Not only will it glam up your look on the upper deck, but keep your hubbies eyes all to yourself.

Tropics and Island Time



Since it’s all about Bahamas and Hawaii for you, why not opt for something total sexy and in trend. Say hello, to ruffled bikinis! Make sure you pack a ton of these to look super stunning on the beach.



Sojourns in Europe

Europe is all about sightseeing and walking through those romantic streets hand in hand like a totally newly married couple. Opt for something casual, sexy and most importantly comfortable. You don’t want to be whining throughout your walk all day long putting your husband in a grumpy mood.



A oversized hat

No women can have enough of them, irrespective of which destination you’re sailing off for your honeymoon. Chic, classy and stylish; plus they save you from the unwanted tan you aren’t looking for.




We think it’s every women genes to carry tons of things no matter where she goes, so hey! Blame it on genetics! No matter you’re strolling through by lanes of Europe or lying down on some sunny island, we ladies need our tote bags to dump all are stuff in and relax in peace.



Date Night Outfit

Honeymoon is all about date nights. It’s like impressing your husband’s all over again, even though you’ve been in a relationship with them for god knows how many years. So, what better way to look super sexy for your husbands, than wear a dress to impress on all your dinner dates?

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Special lingerie

If you are dressing to impress on your dinner dates, then you definitely need something sexy when you head back in the rooms too, don’t you? Surprise him with fun lingerie and keep the spark alive all through your honeymoon period.



Comfy sandals

Yes! We know love is in the air and you’ll are at the peak of your romantic bubble, but that doesn’t mean you guys will be in your rooms all through your stay right? If you’re going to step out, might as well step out in comfortable sandals, than a 3 inch heel, which will give you nothing other than shoe bites and whole lot of pain.



A statement necklace

Every dinner date deserves a stunning neckpiece. Let the additional bling on your bare neck be the perfect accessory to not just add a glow to your entire look, but also a glow to your pretty face.


                                                                            Pic: Pinterest

Birth Control 

Last but not the least, this is a major must have! If you're going someplace remote, there may not be a major drugstore chain handy. (Ever wonder how so many people accidentally start a family on their honeymoon?)