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How To Choose Bridesmaids Dresses

How To Choose Bridesmaids Dresses

You’ve finally found your dream dress? Guess what? A whole new shopping journey begins and this can be quite often more stressful for most brides, than choosing their own dress. We can see you nodding your heads across the screen! Yes! The quest for a perfect bridesmaid dress for all your bridesmaids can be quite a handful task.

It all comes down to taking into consideration your bridesmaids personal taste in fashion, sizes, their color preference and last but not the least something what will match with your wedding dress and overall wedding theme. Seems like one hell of a long list, doesn’t it?

Don’t start panicking already as we have come up with a few tips on how you can choose bridesmaids dresses that everyone will not just love, but will thank you later.

Comfort is the key:

Your bridesmaids will be wearing their dressing from the wee hours of morning to post midnight. The last thing you need them is to uncomfortable in their dresses for more than 12 plus hours. Avoid dresses that are too fitting or bodycon, where they’re going to have barely enough space to breathe forget walk. The last thing you need is your bridesmaid to have a sartorial mishap while walking down the aisle.


It’s not the era of matchy- matchy! Trust us, you don’t need all of them to look the exact same. Let each bridesmaid exude her own personal style with different colors, lengths and cuts.

Convertible dresses:

We know it’s not very easy, but try your level best to find dresses which your bridesmaid can wear repeatedly. Opt for convertible dresses which can be worn plenty of ways or hit the trend and choose separates which is the perfect solution for bridesmaid to use them as party clothes post your wedding and not something which will be hanging in their closet for years to come.


Just cause it’s your big day and time to shine, doesn’t mean you leave your entourage behind. Let your girls sparkle as well with sequins, studs and beads as well. No, we aren’t talking flashy, but a dash of sparkle doesn’t harm anyone. Ask you girls to keep the jewellery off and let their dresses do all the talking.


Not all your bridesmaids are of the same size and shape and making them fit in the same cut and lengths can be a big crime. Go ahead and play with hemlines, and let your bridesmaids pick what suits their curves the best.


One of the most classic touch every bride needs at her wedding is adding lace. Nothing screams romance, then a romantic touch of lace fabric to your girls bridesmaid gown.


Ask Them What They Want

Last but the most important aspect is to ask them what they want. Yes, we get it, it’s your wedding, but it’ll be her worst nightmare to be forced into something she hates and what you love. At least have a set of absolute NO NO from your bridesmaid, so you can completely tick them off your list. It’s all about team effort ladies, to find the perfect dress you and your bridesmaid are going to totally love.