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How To Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special

How To Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Special

Your bridesmaids are more like your soul sisters and many go ahead to be future god parents of your kids, thus the fact that you are taking out time from your busy wedding schedule, wanting to learn ways to ensure your bridesmaids feel special is more than wonderful and kind on your behalf!

Yes! They are your go to girls not only in your daily life, but the only people who will keep you sane and happy throughout the entire wedding event. Now, when these girls are going out of their ways just to keep you a happy bride, we show you just about the things you need to do to make your bridesmaids feel special and ensure your besties still love you after your wedding!

Pop the question in a cute way:

We all love surprises, especially when it comes to such milestone moments in the life of our loved ones. Didn’t you just love the way your better half popped the question in the cutest way ever? Imagine your girls feel every tinge of excitement you did, when you pop the question too in just about a unique and special way. It’s not about spending huge money, but the little extra gestures which will make them feel loved.

Bridal Robes!

But of course, How can you celebrate your big day without all your soul sisters looking spectacular in their respective bridesmaid robes? Let your bridesmaids too feel gorgeous on your wedding day, while you pop the bottle of champagne and your entire squad is all set to get ready.

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Bonding Time:

Your best friends not necessarily fall under the same circle, they can be from your workplace, your colleagues right up to your childhood besties. So, the most important thing to do is make them connect as much as possible before your big day. Trust us, a girl gang with a strong bond can make life so much more fun and easier for you in your stressful moments. Plan trips, dinners and slumber parties to get the girls to get along and leaving one less thing for you to worry about.

Mix and match:

We know it’s your big day and your bridesmaid dresses need to match up to the bridal theme and importantly your dress. But, that doesn’t limit you to stop them from exuding their own style. Give them the liberty to mix and match and choose a dress what suits them the most.

Let them select their shoes:

Imagine spending a day in their shoes. Literally! Your girls will be by your side from the moment you wake up right up to midnight till every guest has left the event. Do you really want your girls to suffer with shoe bites and blisters all day? Let them choose comfort over and style and slip on a pair of the most comfortable pair of heels they own and wish to wear.


Don’t go over the top with the gifts, cause in the end sentiments are what counts. Give them something personalised and maybe drop in a note stating why they mean so much to you. Making your gifts personalised will make your bridesmaids feel extra special, as they’ll know the extra effort you have taken to go outside the box and make it more meaningful

Rehearsal dinner appreciation:

Not all your family member will know your entire bridal brigade. All it takes is a few moments at the rehearsal dinner to introduce all your bridesmaids and appreciate them by sharing memories with the people in your family. One of the most personal gestures any bride can do for her besties.


Give your girls a break, were sure they’re pretty stressed out too. Indulge in a few spa sessions or else just call your girls home, open a bottle of wine and put on a few face masks and have a ball of a relaxing time even on budget. It’s a win win for both of you’ll as you get to spoil them, while keeping your budget in mind.


Fun pictures with bridesmaids:

Yes, it’s you and your new hubby’s day and you’ll have all your portraits planned with your groom, but don’t forget to have some fun with your girls as well. Call you girls and set free, let loose and click some fun, goofy pictures making them the perfect thank you gifts for your bridesmaids as well.