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How to throw the perfect Bridal Shower!


Photo via  Wedding in a Teacup

Jump with Joy! You’ve been asked to be the Maid of Honour. You deserve to be all that excited, but along with that get ready for a journey of a lifetime, especially if you’re setting foot into the world of weddings for the first time.

With Great honour comes a great responsibility as well! Just kidding! Yes! Being a Maid of honour can seem to stress you out, if you don’t even know the basics of weddings, but that’s where we come in to give you a helping hand and lay down all the Dos and Don’ts to host the most perfect and memorable bridal shower ever; for which your best friend will be thanking you for many more years to come.



Invite Wisely

If you’re the maid of honour, were pretty sure you might have all the inside details of whom the bride gets along and can’t see eye to eye with. Yes! The bride doesn’t need to be working on her own shower, but consulting her on her own guest list is VVIP. The last thing you’d want is to invite someone whom she recently had a falling out with.


Have Specialty Drinks

A bridal shower lasts for around 2 max 3 hours. Now, booze and cocktails is exactly what you need to lighten up this party in a short span of time. After all its not a baby shower but a bridal shower right? Let the wedding not hog all the cocktail drink trends and make sure you bring in a few at the bridal shower as well.

P.S: Don’t forget the non-drinkers and have some fun mocktail drinks as to sip on too.


Present Unique Activities

Activities are all about getting the party up and alive. You definitely don’t need it to turn into a boring event with all the guests engaged in their own phones or doing their own thing. Try out fun activities like wine tasting, cupcake decorating basically just getting all your guests completely engaged.

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Involve the Groom

No not literally by dragging him down at the venue! But you can definitely add a touch of the groom by obtaining a letter or a video by him for the party making it an all the more memorable reason for the bride to love her shower.


We agree, that planning the entire shower can be a big hole to your pocket, that’s why it’s very essential from the start that you and everyone else planning and chipping in the entire event to be on the same page when it comes down to the budget. If the event is becoming a tad bit of a costlier event, may be take some help or advice from the Mother of the Bride, or even find alternate solutions like baking your own cake or doing DIY for party decorations thus cost cutting their entire expense.


A bridal shower party isn’t something which pops up overnight. There is so much of planning involved right from scouting location, sending invitations, arranging for the menu and drinks or even making some fun props for pictures. You can’t expect invitations to be sent a day prior and the guests to land up leaving their entire schedule aside. Keep a timeframe of at least 4 weeks’ prior notice, which gives everyone enough time to clear the schedules for that particular day.

Delegate, delegate, delegate

You cannot take up this entire task as a one-woman army! It’s all about distributing and delegating different tasks to everyone participating in the whole affair. As they say the more the merrier is the perfect line in this situation, so use your MOH powers and start delegating!

Pay Attention to the Bride

Since it’s all about the bride, plan everything keeping her in mind. Remember it’s not your day to shine but the brides. Just because you love eating shrimps and the bride cannot even stand the smell of it is no excuse for you to add shrimps to the menu, simply because you love it! Remember it all about making the bride happy and keeping her relaxed


Statement Piece

Invest in one statement piece at the shower which will add up to the “Wow” factor at the event. Have all the guests going al Gaga over something throughout the event; be it either an OTT party cake either symbolising the bride to be or her wedding or even a huge colourful floral arrangement for the dinner table.

Photo Credit: Rock N Roll Bride


Last but not the least sit with your gang of girls and Brainstorm a theme. Finalising a theme will make planning the entire event based around it a whole lot easier. Opt for something fun and peppy like Mid #0s house wife party with wooden spoons and aprons as props or let something as simple as the brides favourite color guide the entire event accordingly