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“It took us many years of trying and 8 cycles of IVF to get where we are now” | Pregnancy Interviews

“It took us many years of trying and 8 cycles of IVF to get where we are now” | Pregnancy Interviews

Our customer Tamsin Henderson wore our Navy Blue Organic Maternity gown for her hospital pictures and shared them with us and also shared her pregnancy journey. Here is a small interview with her.

My story is not an easy one, it has taken many years to get pregnant (and many rounds of IVF) but it's a great story and hopefully will give other women some hope.

* Is this your first time having a baby?

Yes, and likely our last. At the grand old age of 42, I'm happy with my one baby daughter!

* Can you share your most memorable and the most scariest moments during pregnancy?

It took us many years of trying and 8 cycles of IVF to get where we are now. Our first pregnancy wasn't to be, so the first 12 weeks we were on tenterhooks... I was that nightmare person always googling symptoms and panicking if something didn't feel right.

We were so amazed it worked, we STILL can't believe we have a beautiful 5 month old baby girl. I wonder if that feeling of awe, surprise and gratitude will ever go away! I won't mind if it doesn't! I expect there will soon come a time when we she is crawling, eating stuff off the ground and throwing food at the wall, and we'll come back to earth with a bump.

I suppose one of my favourite bits about discovering I was pregnant was telling my parents. The look on their faces was priceless -- just sheer delight. It gave them a new lease of life, which is a wonderful thing.

* What tips will you give to other moms and would-be moms?(Dietary tips, Exercise tips etc)

Don't follow any extreme fads. You might find yourself turning to the internet for advice when it doesn't happen.. I did, in sheer desperation. But cutting out carbs or piling down weird supplements because you read it on a forum is unhealthy. It's anecdotal. The best thing you can do is look after yourself best you can.

Keep active, walk as much as possible (I loved my Fitbit and getting 10,000 steps), stay hydrated and eat a sensible diet with plenty of fruit and veg. Keep busy. Don't obsess over it. Look after your mental health too. Try not to stress about it.

But don't blame yourself if it doesn't happen... there are too many factors involved to think there's something you should or shouldn't be doing. It's too easy to say, oh I should have worked less, or I should have spent more time meditating. Go easy on yourself.

It doesn't matter what anyone tells you about giving birth, nothing quite prepares you for it. I had dreams of a soft, gentle water birth with music and aromatherapy oils - you can imagine. But absolutely nothing went to plan. My advice is learn everything about all situations and go with the flow. Have an idea, but don't get hung up on it. We had 3 inductions, a ten hour labour and an emergency c-section. It sounds horrific, but the birth itself was still beautiful and I will always treasure it.

Also, if you can get to an NCT group or meet other pregnant mothers beforehand, it's a great way to forge bonds with other women going through the same thing and you will likely support each other for years after and your children will grow up together.

* What have you decided to name your baby?

Sorchia. It has roots in Celtic and Gaelic language and it means bright, radiant light.

Wishing everybody luck, happiness and health with their pregnancy journey.


Tamsin H.