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Lilac and Sky Blue Wedding Colors

Lilac and Sky Blue Wedding Colors

Funny how words pop in to our minds as we work with wedding colors, and this color combination is oh so "charming". Two things as points of interest are present here.

  • The colors of the pre-wedding robes match the lilac and sky blue of the color palette.
  •  Note the simple, yet beautiful clutch bag pictured by it self. 

The fabric of the clutch is the very same fabric of the lilac robe. These clutch bags can be found on Even the two attendants, with the beautiful bride, carry the lilac and sky blue color theme in their lovely gowns. As we said in the beginning, CHARMING!

If you've short listed this color combination, don't forget to bookmark/pin the robes product page here. We have also created a special board on pinterest for this color combination and our creative team keeps adding photos to this board. Don't forget to follow it to get more updates on this.