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Maternity Robes - a Gift your Pregnant friend actually wants

Maternity Robes - a Gift your Pregnant friend actually wants

Remember the iconic moment when a pregnant Phoebe Buffay decided to dress in Santa Claus’s pants as her maternity outfit just because they were so roomy and comfortable? Well, she looked adorable picking comfort over fashion like most women in their pregnancies do. But, we wonder why is it that women have to make a choice between the two? You don’t always have to opt for Santa’s pants for a comfy outfit to lounge around in on your maternity leave. Comfort and elegance can very well go hand in hand for moms wanting to dress comfortably and look stylish.

Pregnancy is an incomparable journey where a woman’s body goes through significant changes. In this ever-evolving phase, all a woman needs is some peace, comfort, and a hell lot of self-assurance. If you’re genuinely wanting to get the best gift for your pregnant friend then there’s nothing better than a comfy, beautiful, and functional maternity robe. A gift that will run your friend through all the stages of becoming a parent, right from pregnancy and birthing to motherhood.

After putting it on, all women agree that a maternity robe is the most underestimated piece of clothing and it becomes impossible to part ways with it, even post-delivery. And naturally so, because when you’re expecting, you don’t know how much and how wide the belly is going to grow with each passing trimester. A beautiful printed silhouette that delicately compliments the body through the whole journey and wraps the bump in a snug and comfy fit trumps all other maternity lounge wear. Who would want to get out of this soft, cosy and elegant looking wrap?

We are also proud that our fashion sensibilities are based on the actual needs and struggles of pregnant women. Why do we say that? The process of growing and birthing a human is understandably uncomfortable and challenging at times. A functional robe that comes in the color, pattern and cloth that makes the nurturer feel confident and empowered in this demanding phase is so undervalued. And, that’s exactly what we are here to fix.

Our figure-flattering robes come in different prints, from floral to block and from abstract to Aztec, to make sure the print works for the woman dressed in it. With a whole range of options in terms of color, length and aesthetics, we make the best, thoughtfully customized and affordable maternity robes for women. We create alluring and feminine multi-tasking looks that your pregnant friend can put on and glide around the house looking like the beauty of dreams.

This can also unfold as the best baby shower gift because it’s certainly going to be the most used item in your friend’s wardrobe and the most valued too. These robes are perfect for both mothers and mothers-to-be. Because they are crossover robes that open in the front, it can be doubled up as a nursing gown too. To make it even more functional as a hospital gown, we also provide an option to select the button-down option in the back of our robes if epidural anesthesia is to be administered.

Accommodating an ever-growing body in a soft, trendy and fuss-free wrap crafted with the softest fabric sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? We pay a lot of attention to detail like the right length and the perfect cut and it’s these little details that empower the woman wearing our maternity robes. We have received a lot of love from many amazing mothers who jokingly label our robes as the best ‘mom uniform’ based on their universal functionality.

We have here gathered a few comfortable and stylish robe looks that your pregnant friend can wear during pregnancy, nursing and beyond:

Mommies in White Floral Robes

Mommies in Coral Floral Robes

Mommies in Gray Floral Robes

Mommies in Pastel Pink Floral Robes

Mommies in Cream Floral Robes