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“My labor was very long. I spent 25 hours getting him into this world! ” | Pregnancy Interviews

“My labor was very long. I spent 25 hours getting him into this world!  ” | Pregnancy Interviews

Our customer Jessica whitley wore our White Rosy Red Posy Maternity robe for her hospital pictures and shared them with us and also shared her pregnancy journey. Here is a small interview with her.

* Is this your first time having a baby?


* Can you share your most memorable and the most scariest moments during pregnancy?

Some of the memories I cherish are my drives home from work during pregnancy. Just me and baby. I would turn on the classical radio station and tell him about my day and about my dreams and hopes for him. It felt like our special time. The scariest moment? I was fortunate to have a very easy pregnancy. No scary moments. But during labor I was afraid I wouldn't know when it was time to go to the hospital- false labor pains versus real ones!

* What tips will you give to other moms and would-be moms?(Dietary tips, Exercise tips etc)

Well, there is a lot of Iron in prenatal vitamins, which causes bloating and constipation. My best friend advised me to take a flaxseed oil capsule every night before bed. It was truly a lifesaver!!! I was never miserable in that aspect after I started taking them.

* What have you decided to name your baby?

Baby Noa...short for fiance is from Hawaii and the name means Strength of the an ocean current-

My labor was very long, but it was good work. Baby and I spent 25 hours together getting him into this world!

My fiance and I grew much stronger that day. He walked with me up and down the beach for HOURS! And then we came home to rest- He knew I wanted to look pretty, silly as it seems, when my sweet baby came into the world-so that baby and I would have pictures to frame, so he helped me put hot rollers in my hair and took them out as I cried from increasing pain. It was the most beautiful example of partnership that is still seared in my mind.... Ps putting on makeup and baking brownies for the hospital nurses during my 18 + hours of home labor were really great distractions!

He took me to the hospital shortly after and held my hand until Noa arrived. Life has never been the same in the best way!