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Reasons To Love A December Wedding!

Reasons To Love A December Wedding!

Okay! You’re newly engaged! What’s next? Contemplating the month of your wedding? Now, before you get ready to dive your brains into the top 3 months you’d want to get married, we’d want to give you on a rundown on why you should choose December as the month of your big day!

Wondering why winter weddings are the best for you? For starters, winter weddings can add fairytale romance to your entire ceremony. The crisp white snow acts as the perfect backdrop for picturesque wedding photo albums. December is known as the month for food, celebration and family and what better way to bring them all together, throw your big fat family a magical winter wedding.

So here are our top reasons, why you should make “the most wonderful time of the year” as the month of your wedding!


Venues Are Already Decked

You don’t have to put too much of an effort on the décor, as everything is already nailed to the T! From frosted pinecones to holiday lights to snowflakes, everything is one big winter wedding wonderland plus one less thing for all you brides to rack your brains on.

Your Colors Are a No-brainer

Red, green, gold, silver, blue, white — the holidays have a distinctive color palette. Moreover, any color theme is sure to pop amidst the white sheet backdrop.

Cozy Cover-up

We all know December brides are blessed with the luxury of adding a touch of cozy and glamorous cover up to their stunning gowns. Faux fur or coat; long coat or shrug, the choice is all yours. Winter weddings give a bride the liberty to experiment her look just a tad bit more!

Magical Pictures

Winter weddings call for out OTT romantic, magical pictures. The sun kissed snow and the place sparkling with lights can turn your wedding photo diary into a romantic novel filled with breathtaking pictures.

Comfort Food

You don’t need to think twice before you put comfort food out on the table! It’s freezing cold, the perfect excuse to lay down some heavy pastas, lasagnas and hot cocoa.We are sure, no one is complaining..

Your Timing is Perfect for an Island Honeymoon

Another big win win to love a winter wedding is the idea of an island honeymoon! What better way to escape from the cold winds, than plan a tropical sunny honeymoon.


Your Guests Are Already in a Great Mood

Winter Weddings Make You Believe in Magic. It’s one of those months where everyone is already in their best mood ever! It’s the month of joy, tons of social outings, quality time spent with your loved ones, and the best binging of the year. No wonder, December brides have it easy, as most wedding guests arrive in good spirits with a mood to celebrate even before the first glass of bubbly has even been poured.

Last Three Words: The Best Anniversaries!

What a better way to celebrate your wedding anniversary, than in the most romantic time of the year? The holiday vibes, the festive cheery mood and the extra days off will set you and your new groom’s tone for the perfect 1 st anniversary. Doesn’t everything around add the perfect touch to make your anniversary that much more special!