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Watch out for These Hidden Wedding Expenses you may tend to miss!

Watch out for These Hidden Wedding Expenses you may tend to miss!

Weddings without a doubt can burn a huge hole in your pocket, whether you opt to go all out or you stick to a particular budget. Even when you finally go ahead and plan your budget, sticking to it can get really tricky as there are tons of hidden costs, which a couple fails to notice while planning the wedding budget. Since it’s the wedding season and we know so many of you guys are about to begin your wedding planning, we thought we could guide you by helping you uncover the top items couples generally tend to forget while planning their wedding finance’s!

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Asking Bridesmaids in a Special Way

It’s no longer about picking up the phone or dropping by your best friend’s house, asking her to be a bridesmaid. Brides in the 20th century believe in popping the question to their Maid of honors by showering them with cute DIY guests or taking them out for lunch and brunch dates. This little expense may not have popped in your head, but it definitely did to us.


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It’s a one in a million case scenario, where your dream dress fits you to the “T” without any alterations at all. Most brides off late are always on the run to lose extra pounds and hitting the gym to alter the dress just a few weeks before the marriage. So, if your wedding dress retailer doesn't offer free alterations with the purchase of a gown, you’re in for some extra spending. Even if you try getting your dress altered with your local tailor, is also an additional expense, but make sure your local tailor is as good as they can get. It’s your wedding dress and all the intricate detailing after all. You don’t need a whole another bill to makeup all the wrong doing of your local tailor do you?


Beauty treatment is something which always lands up brides with a huge burning hole in their pockets. Even though you finally make the call as to your expense on your makeup artist and hairstylist, the initial endless trials with different makeup artists and hair stylists to find the perfect one just adds up your cost expense for your wedding. So, better keep some cash stashed aside for all your trial sessions too!

Overtime Costs

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Besides you your bridal squad and your guests, every other person on the venue is working and on the job! Your band, DJ, wedding photographer and video-grapher are booked for just a certain amount of time, so if your wedding runs a little longer than you expected, be ready to pay the per hour extra charges as well.

Cleanup and Breakdown Costs

Most couples are so involved in planning the Big day, they forget what goes after the wedding is finally over. Okay! So you’ve paid up for the venue, the food and everything, but who’s going to clean up the entire mess once it’s all over? Unless not mentioned in the contract already, get your wallets out for additional charges on cleaning up all the garbage and for any breakdowns if any. Time to keep your fingers crossed!


When determining your venue, don’t forget to inquire about what furniture or items are included in your rental fee. If they don't provide any rentals other than the space, there are tons of adds on you’ll be needing, right from ceremony seating to reception tables, chairs, plates, stemware, silverware, linens, and specialty rentals and so on. Trust us, your costs can add up quickly! So, try and pick a venue where you have at least half the thing already added up on your venue rent.


When choosing your invitations, be sure to weigh it carefully — if it’s more than one ounce, you’re going to need additional postage and though it might just seem like an additional 1$, but when you sum all the invites you’re going to have another totally unwanted hefty bill.

Someone to Marry You


Thought finding an officiant to marry you was free? Think again! Having a trained and well-spoken officiant for your ceremony can set you back anywhere from $500 to over $2,000

To and From

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With so much to do, the last thing which pops into your head is the transport. No! we’re not just talking about how you’ll get to your venue, but the entire bridal squad as well that too ahead of time! So better plan your transportation well in advance or you will land up paying double for last minute cab services.