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Wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquet’s are off late the highlight of our weddings; considering these days bouquets are just not about a bunch of few basic flowers, in fact when it comes to these bouquets; couples these day are going all out big, bold and dramatic to achieve the over the Top Luxury looks.

If, making your bouquet shine is the key motto, how can one forget the wrapping part? 2016 is officially the year, where sky is your limit and even something as basic as wrapping of bouquet has tons of variations to make it look even more glamorous. So, without further ado, we give you ideas for your bouquet wrap, so your flower stems don’t feel neglected!


Pearl Bouquet Wrap

p.jpgPhotographer: Jonathan Ivy Lifestyle Photography

Timeless and evergreen! Incorporate pearls not just onto your dress, but it’s about time to wrap your flowers as well in them. Pearls are a definite go to, if you want to bring out the wow factor from your bouquet.

Let it Shine


If metallic can be the season’s biggest wedding trend, how can it be left far behind from our floral bunch as well? Go on and wrap your bouquets with a metallic ribbon and keep the trend alive!

Get Cheeky


Photograph by Alisha Brooks c.jpg

It’s all about adding that extra element of personal touch. Your wedding should be remembered for all the little memories and personal touches do just that! Even your flower bouquet can be customized, by either wrapping it with your Nanas old scarf or adding small key chains of family picture to it.

Incorporate a Brooch


Pic: Pinterest

Who knew a brooch could be used for anything other than sticking it to your blouse? Well, now since we know, raid all your brooches and decide which one would suit your bouquet the best!

Lace it Up!


A lace can never go wrong, be it the bridal dress or as simple as tying it up to your bouquet. A pretty lace can bring out the wow factor from almost about anything.

An Over-sized Satin Bow


Pic: pinterest s.jpg

Weddings and bows go hand-in-hand, we even have some bow themed wedding robes in our collection!

A satin Bow is almost equivalent to bringing out the big guns! It can brighten up even dullest of all bouquets and make even a budgeted bouquet look oh so expensive! So, if you’re running out of options and trying to find out last minute options, look nowhere as satin is here to jump into your rescue.

Rope It Up


Since rustic weddings are huge this year and you can ropes dangling down every nook and corner with pretty bulbs attached to it, why not make the most of these ropes to your rustic wedding and tie them up on your bouquet as well?

Take Up Crochet


Photographer: Carlie Statsky

Crochet looks lovely when wrapped around long, lush stems of an all-white peony bouquet. But hey! That doesn’t stop you from using crochet for other bouquets as well. Keep the ends long and add a dramatic and elegant feel to your entire bunch.

Say Yes to Sequins


Sequins add glam to just about anything. If you’re personality and your wedding screams OTT, sequins is your perfect match, to make you and your bouquet dance with joy.