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Wedding Drinks That Aren’t Champagne

Wedding Drinks That Aren’t Champagne

Weddings without a pop of champagne is one rare sight and completely hard to believe. Yes, weddings and champagne go hand in hand, but the truth remains, that not every guest at your wedding shares a similar love for bubbly. Even though champagnes can be considered just as an important tradition as the first dance, treating your guests to a whole new set of options can never be a bad idea.

So, if you’re on the hunt for fancy offerings other than the traditional old champagne, we lay down a list of tasty tipples for you to offer on your Big day that your guests will love.


Bucket Beer:

There is no better way to delight the men at a wedding party, than hand them a bucket full of chilled beer. Something they can chug right down their throats and put them in great spirits throughout the evening.



This is the kind of drink that should be served at an outdoor summer wedding. Refreshing and perfect for all the non-drinkers.

Bloody Mary

Throw the fiesta of all fiestas by making your guests drink the ultimate Bloody Mary. Also, one of the best ways to keeps your guests warm on cold chilly winter wedding!

The Love Potion

You heard it right ! That’s the actual name! It’s pink, it’s sparkly, it’s the perfect concoction for the upcoming wedding.

Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail

The perfect cocktail to warm the heart of all your guests.

Watermelon Refresher:

If your guests are in the mood for something fruity, this summer palate refresher will keep your guests coming back for more. This recipe calls for a strawberry-watermelon combo, healthy splash of vodka and hints of basil and lime.

Gin Lavender Lattes

This goes down as every gin lover’s dream cocktail. We have all heard of coffee and alcohol, but this concoction takes it to a whole new level.

Blueberry Mojito:

Feeling blue? Time to add the blue element in your drinks instead. This new twist on the traditional classic mojito with fresh blueberries instead, are just as refreshing as the classic mojito.