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Wedding last minute detail

Photography: Reverie VP

As the saying goes “It’s all about the little details”; Marriage too is a matter of a fact all about the last minute details which most of us tend to overlook as we already have so much on our plate! Before you go ahead and say “I Do “to your groom, there are tons of things you need to go ahead and say “I Did” to!

We know it’s almost crunch time and you think you’ve got almost everything off that checklist, but almost isn’t enough, cause it’s your Big day, so take a quick look at our check list, before you can finally brush it all off and can be 100% top of everything on that TO- Do list of yours!



Flower girl accessories

Now that you’ve got your dress, the bridesmaids dress and the flower girl dresses all figured out and you’re wondering what’s missing? Accessories Girls! After all you cannot let these pretty little tiny tots walk down the aisle without cute flower crowns can you?

Music Playlist

Even though it seems like something no one can forget, but trust us this one falls in the Top 2 list of things which totally slip out of a couples mind. You need to categorise the song for every section of the wedding, right from your first dance with the groom, to the father- daughter dance and last but not the least the dance off playlist. Even if you have a DJ to handle all this, you still need to let him on all the details to avoid the last minute confusion.

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Collecting The Marriage License

If you’re wondering how can anyone on earth omit this out? Trust us ladies, this happens! Make sure you go ahead and collect your license, because without a license you can’t get married and nothing would be legal. When you’re putting your heart and soul in getting married, just take sometime out to get this legally sorted, so you can be one happily married couple with a happily ever after ending on your wedding date.

Fitting The Dress For The Last Time

This is so very crucial! Your body can go through a hard time with all that stress and hence changes in your measurements are pretty much inevitable.

Doing this a week prior gives you the right amount of time to make those last minute alterations to your dress, or else you’ll only land up complaining on your big day.

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Hair Removal

Fixing an appointment on the big day can be the most time consuming task ever; making you all the more panicky. Instead squeeze in an appointment a day or 2 prior and get the job cleared, because you’re definitely not going to grow a bush in 2 days are you? So, make this appointment a more relaxing session than a stressful one.

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Picking Up The Rings

Do this yourself or assign it to someone who is trustworthy, but make sure this task is done and check this off the list only when you see your shiny new polished rings in front of your eyes.

Packing For Your Honeymoon

This definitely can’t be done last minute by simply dumping your bag with the first thing you see. You don’t need to be repenting about your choices, while you’re off enjoying your honeymoon. Make sure this task has been ticked off at least 2 weeks prior, depending on the place you’re heading off too! This will spare you a lot of time to socialize with friends and family members after the ceremony, rather than rushing back home simply to pack your bags.

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Directions & Signage

Who wouldn’t want their wedding to run smoothly? Your wedding can be a total cake walk, simply by adding these sign boards all across; making it easier for the guests as well.

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Big-day emergency kit.

Planning a wedding is nothing less than going on the border and if that’s the case you surely need your emergency kit as well. No, these don’t include guns and weapons, but get ready to pack in all your bobby pins, face power, hairspray, lip gloss, stain removers, shawls, hemming tape for last minute repairs and so on.


Even though this is a lot of work, if done at least a week before will save you more than enough time to spend with loved ones later on, than sitting to write thank you notes post your wedding. Thank you notes are a total must; after all your friends, families, and vendors have gone to so much extent too just to make sure things run in order. If they can do so much for you, the least they could expect in return are Thank You notes, especially the handwritten ones adding a personal touch to each and every one of them.

Prepare for rain.

When you have your outdoor wedding planning nailed to the T, let the rains not get in your way by washing all your guests out. Make sure you have a tent set up to protect all your loved ones from the down pour. Also, hand out a set of umbrella to all of them. You never know when they might need it!

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Nominate a gift caretaker.

Hand over this task to someone who you trust the most. Not only it is about the gifts, but also about handing your house keys to this person, so she ensures all your gifts are at your house in place when you return back home.