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Wedding Theme

Every great wedding has a theme. 2016 is year all about the themes; from garden wedding to food being served from trucks, you name and it’s trending this year. You too can dictate the theme of your wedding; be it b your favorite color or an era which you’re too fond of. Since you’re on the hunt for Theme- aspiration, we have put together a list which you can easily choose from; you may love some, you may hate some, but the real question lies in which one of these are you going to choose from for your very own wedding?

Pic: Pinterest

Fairground Fun

It’s time to relive your childhood days all over again. Icing on the cake? You can do that on your wedding day itself! Bring in the Fun & Fair element, by simply opting a splash of colors throughout your reception and make sure you have ice cream vans and truck full of candy floss.

Vintage Runner

We all love old school stuff and what better way to flaunt our love for old school, than go completely vintage. Not only is it the most popular trend with weddings, but on the run way as well. So go all out and pick out those vintage wedding dresses, statement pearl chokers and some metallic color to your décor to bring in the entire effect.


Bohemian Touch

If travelling all around the world and being a gypsy soul is what describes you and your groom best, then boho is the way to go for your wedding. Go ahead and express your casual effortless style not just with your dress, but with the entire event as well.

Fairytale Dreams

Cause that’s what not just dreams, but also weddings are made of. Since you’re wedding day is what you dreamt of from the time you were two, take it as an opportunity make it like the fairytale you’ve been dreaming of all these years.

Pastel Love:

2016 has been the year of pastels. We’ve seen Rose quarts and serene (pantone colors of the year) rule all over the bridal schedule this entire year and will still continue to rule for a long long time.

photo credits:Intimate Wedding

Twilight Forest

Its all about hill top mountains and dense forests. Returning back to nature has got a whole new meaning with weddings having destinations literally in the middle of the woods. Reminds us of the twilight wedding doesn’t it?

Backyard Garden weddings:

Weddings off late don’t need a grand location, as most couples these days are choosing their own garden backyards over any other venue. Cost Cutting and Breathtaking at the same time, isn’t that what we all to achieve at the end of the day?