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Why is a maternity robe for hospital the most thoughtful pregnancy gift for your friend?

Why is a maternity robe for hospital the most thoughtful pregnancy gift for your friend?

All these years of hearing so many stories of amazing women and their experiences of labor and childbirth have only helped us realize one thing; the best pregnancy gift is the one that comes with the utmost utility. In all these stories the women have always gone into the hospital feeling wildly anxious and understandably so. After all, there’s a life-changing and physically overwhelming experience awaiting them on the other side of the door. If you really want to be a good friend to a mom-to-be, you need to focus on making this transition comfortable and enjoyable. At this point, a thoughtful gift can go a long way.

Your pregnancy gift should aid the new mom to feel at ease amidst all the anxiety and madness around. Add a personal touch to the whole experience that makes it her own and makes her feel at home. And, it doesn’t hurt if it makes her look beautiful too while accomplishing everything else we just spoke of. We are certain that a maternity robe ticks off all these boxes to become the best pregnancy gift for your friend. It serves the purpose of comfort, style, and functionality all at once. Your gift is always going to remind the new mom of how considerate you are as a friend. It’s the best feeling in the whole wide world.

Of late, we’ve seen a lot of ladies doing cute care packages for a pregnant friend’s hospital stay. The care package is sort of a hospital survival kit and is mostly a basketful of mommy essentials like nipple cream, sanitizer, face wipes, homemade cookies, and so on. Imagine throwing a beautiful maternity robe with cheery prints on it to this care package. It suddenly makes it a wholesome gift and even more memorable than before because this will last her throughout her hospital stay as well as the postpartum period and beyond. It’s a one time purchase that a mommy could derive multiple uses out of. She can use these maternity robes as loungewear or nightwear during pregnancy, wear them during labor and delivery, and even sport the elegant prints in the postpartum period as her body is in the process of recovery to get back to how it used to be.

The best aspect that distinguishes maternity robes from regular hospital gowns is that it serves all the nursing requirements, looks cuter, and doesn’t have that dull hospital outfit feel to it. These robes with their open front make the process of breastfeeding effortless. Most of them also come with a back closure option that makes access easier in case an epidural is to be administered. Plus, wearing ethereal prints is undeniably a huge confidence booster. A flowing silhouette is quite flattering and forgiving on the postpartum body and they also look fabulous in the pictures taken on the special day.

Maternity robes mostly come in the softest fabric that gets softer with each wash which means your gift will be put to its longest use. They also come in endearing prints adding a pop of elegance and charm to the woman’s personality even when she is exhausted and not feeling it.

Still confused as to what gift to get your pregnant friend? Don’t be. We assure you this is the best pregnancy gift for the hospital because it looks like a cute dress, feels like a comfortable nightgown and acts like a functional nursing outfit all day long.

We have zeroed down the best hospital maternity robe looks for your pregnant friend. All of these looks come with flexible size, pattern, length, and color options, tailor-made to complement your friend’s body. Have a look:

                                                       Ivory Eyelet Delivery/ Nursing Gown

                                   Premium Peach Dreamy Angel Song Ankle length Maternity Robe

                                                       White Floral Posy Delivery/Nursing Gown

                                  Light Blue Large Floral Blossom Ankle length Labor/Nursing Gown

                                             White Large Floral Blossom Delivery/ Nursing Gown

                                                   Pink Rosy Red Posy Delivery/Nursing Gown

                                                              Teal Floral Posy Maternity Robe

                                                Blush Dreamy Angel Song Labor/Nursing Gown

                                                              Mint Pink Peonies Birthing Robe