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Why is a White Lace Bridal Robe a Wedding Morning Must-have?

Why is a White Lace Bridal Robe a Wedding Morning Must-have?

There’s a lot that happens on a wedding morning. Excitement and nerves run high. Hair and makeup situation awaits. The bridal party arrives. Thoughts of transitioning from Miss to Mrs keep playing in your head and then an enthusiastic photographer barges in to freeze all your bridal party memories in stunning frames forever. It’s truly quite an exciting time, but to be able to wholeheartedly enjoy every second of it, you need to create a simple wedding morning must-haves list that ensures you only surround yourself with things and people that help you ease into your big moment.

In simple words, do everything that pleases and eases you. Light your favorite scented candles, put on some chilled music, massage your whole body with a moisturizer, and slip into a gorgeous white bridal robe to let it all dry in and kick start your big day effortlessly. It’s now when the bride is ready to pop a bottle of bubbly and set the ball rolling.

Come to think of it, wearing a white lace bridal robe on the morning of your wedding is a classic outfit choice. It also serves a lot more purposes than you can imagine.

Look like a Goddess in all your getting ready shots

For starters, a white lace robe exudes feminine beauty and romance like no other. These bridal robes make you look like an ethereal beauty in all those getting-ready shots without trying too hard.

Your Wedding Gown needs a photo shoot too

Wearing one of these robes lets you lay your wedding dress out and hang it up with all your accessories for the photographer to take detailed shots of. You can lay your dress out with your bridesmaids' dresses too to capture the sweet essence of getting ready together, for life.

Stroll around looking glam

Sometimes, a bride has to check on the venue and the setup, first thing in the morning. Wearing a white lace robe for a last-minute check lets you comfortably stroll around the venue in true bride style and head back straight into hair and makeup later.

Hassle-free Hair & Makeup situation

Your glam session feels much easier in a bridal robe because there’s no scope for getting makeup on your wedding dress. You can just sit back in your elegant robe, have a nice drink with your girls, and get ready in total peace.

I believe the reason a white lace robe is a popular getting-ready outfit with the brides today is because it makes you look like a goddess on the outside while you’re battling those wedding morning nerves on the inside. There’s something soft and delicate that a lace robe adds to your getting-ready pictures. You can either wear it as a getting-ready robe in the morning or as a simple outfit for the evening unwind and even recycle it for a special occasion beyond the big day like romantic honeymoon/ valentine’s lingerie wear

It’s not easy to find an elegant and graceful white lace robe that is made just for you. Only if there were some exquisite, custom robe options available to choose from. Guess what? There are.

Here are some very special white bridal robes in full lace, crafted and sewn with a lot of attention to detail. These sophisticated bridal robes exhibit a stunning feminine silhouette and are custom-made in different lengths and sizes to suit your preference.

Take a look:

Oh Claudia White Lace Bridal Robe

Oh Brooke White Floral Lace Bridal Robe

Oh Dreama White Butterfly Lace Bridal Robe

Oh Alma White Floral Pearly Lace Bridal Robe

Oh Darla Ivory Pearly Lace Bridal Robe

Oh Fay White Floral Lace Bridal Robe

Oh Callie White Lace Bridal Robe

Oh Nora Ivory Glittery Lace Bridal Robe