Light Blue Floral Posy Set of Bridesmaids Robes


These robes are from our floral posy pattern which is available in many different colors. It is one of our best seller patterns.
We’ve been helping brides with their getting ready outfits since 2009, so be rest assured you are in good hands with us :)

How to buy:
Please select the number of robes you need & your choice of pattern and checkout from here. You will then be emailed a sizing form where you can customize the robes with sizes, length preference & choice of colors for each of the bridesmaids and the bride.

The robes are crafted using 100% mulmul cotton which tends to get softer with every wash. 

Our robes are fully customized. Ranging in sizes from x-small to 5xl, we also hand-make them according to one's height.
We do make maternity robes as well as matching flower girl robes.
You can purchase the flower girl robe by clicking here.

Other Add-ons:
Pockets: You can also add pockets to your outfit - Add pockets
Lace cuffs and Hems: To add lace trims to hem and cuffs, click here
Matching Tote Bags: Gift your robes in matching personalised tote bags, click here 
Personalisation Options: You can choose to add a personal touch to the robes by adding the monograms/ titles/ names of your bridesmaids. Please purchase the following item along with your Robes: Customize your Robes with embroidery/monograms

Making and Delivery Times:
It generally takes about three weeks for the items to reach you from the date of purchase. However, we can speed up your order and handle weddings as close as one week away. Don’t forget to mention your need-by date in the customisation form you receive after the purchase.

Bridesmaids Bundle Order Discount Deals
1 to 3 robes @ only USD 25 per robe!
4 to 7 @ only USD 22 per robe!
7 and more @ only USD 20 per robe!

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Other DetailsBridesmaid Bulk Order Discounts

Set of 2 Robes - $50
Set of 3 Robes - $75
Set of 4 Robes - $88
Set of 5 Robes - $110
Set of 6 Robes - $132
Set of 7 Robes - $154
Set of 8 Robes - $160
Set of 9 Robes - $180
Set of 10 Robes - $200
Set of 11 Robes - $220
Set of 12 Robes - $240
Set of 13 Robes - $260
Set of 14 Robes - $280
Set of 15 Robes - $300
Set of 16 Robes - $320
Set of 17 Robes - $340
Set of 18 Robes - $360
Set of 19 Robes - $380
Set of 20 Robes - $400
Set of 21 Robes - $420
Set of 22 Robes - $440
Set of 23 Robes - $460
Set of 24 Robes - $480
Set of 25 Robes - $500
Set of 26 Robes - $520
Set of 27 Robes - $540
Set of 28 Robes - $560
Set of 29 Robes - $580
Set of 30 Robes - $600
Light Blue Floral Posy Set of Bridesmaids Robes
Blue Floral Posy Robes
Blush Floral Posy Robes
Dark Blue Floral Posy Robes
Eggplant Floral Posy Robes
Fuchsia Floral Posy Robes
Lilac Floral Posy Robes
Mint Floral Posy Robes
Pink Floral Posy Robes
Purple Floral Posy Robes
Rosegold Floral Posy Robes
Black Floral Posy Robes
Silver Floral Posy Robes
Teal Floral Posy Robes
Gray Floral Posy Robes
Light Blue Floral Posy Set of Bridesmaids Robes
Light Blue Floral Posy Robes