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Mint, Sage and Mustard Gold Wedding Color PJs in Off-Shoulder Style

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We have been helping brides to make them getting ready outfits for that special day for over 7 years now.

Do you wish to do something different than robes for your bridesmaids? Go for our Pj sets!!
These days, more brides are moving away from traditional robe options for getting ready and are looking for unique gifts like pjs for their bridesmaids.

We have several different styles of Pj sets available. The photo you see above is of off-shoulder style Pj set. The top in this style comes with off-shoulder. The pjs in above pic would be perfect for all of these wedding color themes:

* Mint, Grayed Jade, Sage and Gold wedding scheme
* Mint, Jade and Mustard Wedding Colors
* Shades of Gold and Sage wedding color theme
* Mint, Grayed Jade, Sage, Olive Green, Gold and Mustard wedding color palette

We have made these pyjama sets in long and short version. The longer ones can go with the comfy, peaceful vibe and many mother of the bride/groom also prefer it. If you want sexier or more chic look, you go for the shorts. In the pictures, you can see both the versions to get a better idea.

Below is our size guide:

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