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Why is a cute maternity robe the best gift for new moms?

Why is a cute maternity robe the best gift for new moms?

Creating a whole world within is the most magical thing a woman’s body does. Month after month and inch after inch, the ever-growing belly becomes a cherished sign of a precious life growing within. When the whole process of birthing is said and done, the added belly bulge is still likely to linger for a few more months, which is completely normal and is in fact a mark of a remarkable journey. The last thing a woman worries about in this postpartum period is how to dress her body, but it's part of the package. And, if done correctly, could also bring in practical benefits to the postpartum phase along with truckloads of comfort.

Think about this, you’ve just delivered a baby and now you’re patiently waiting for your uterus and body to shrink back to what they used to be. It’s an uncomfortable phase and you don’t know how to dress the newly added postpartum curves. But, you know what, it’s totally fine and can be taken care of with simple essential picks that aid you in this process. The key is to not go overboard and focus on the need of the hour: comfort. 

A quick and comfortable throw with a touch of practicality is enough. Speaking of which brings us to an essential piece of clothing that is known to best assist in the recovery process while oozing a lot of comfort to new moms: Maternity Robes. You can never go wrong with an effortless, cute, and classic style that drapes perfectly on the body.

Why is this our top pick for new moms, you wonder? Because of a number of practical needs it serves in a new mom’s life.

Gain easier access for nursing needs

Not only is a draped fabric more forgiving and flattering on a postpartum body, but easy access for nursing is also a key element that it caters to. The open front of the robe makes breastfeeding way easier and hassle-free. You can also opt for a button-down style at the back of the robe if an epidural has to be administered. This ease in access doubles it up as a nursing gown in no time.

Strap on a belly belt without looking like you have

A postpartum belly belt has become a new mom’s best friend today. The good part about wearing a maternity robe is that it also makes throwing on the belly belt beneath it easier and discreet. You can just lounge around comfortably without looking like you have something tightly strapped around your belly.

Fall in love with its Multi-functionality

The versatility of this piece of maternity wear is endearing. You can wear it around the house, take a quick nap in it with the baby, and wake up for an easy feed when the little one is starving.

Look & feel effortlessly stylish even on your bad days

Who doesn’t like to don a simple and classic dress at home? The only secret being this is not a dress but doesn’t feel any different either. It’s like slipping in a soft and flowing silhouette that’s just as beautiful as a cute dress. It’s definitely a confidence booster for new moms who are tired of dressing in boring loose lounge wear that lack personality and charm. The modern-day prints that these robes come in are great mood uplifters too; an instant pick-me-up on a tiresome day.

In our 7 year-long experience of trying to empower women in the most significant stage of their lives, we’ve realized that new moms are totally smitten with these robes for how multi-functional, cute, and comfortable they are. We’ve also seen many women buy these from us in their pregnancies and using them through birthing, motherhood, and beyond. We are quite certain when we say a maternity robe is the best gift for new moms wanting to dress comfy and look stylish.

Let us show you some of our favorite maternity robe looks that are perfect for the day-to-day hustle life of a new mom: 

Floral Sketch Blush Maternity Dress Robe

White Floral Maternity Robe

Ivory Eyelet Delivery/Nursing Gown

Premium Blush Dreamy Angel Song Ankle length Maternity Robe

Premium Peach Dreamy Angel Song Ankle length Maternity Robe

Mint Silk Floral Posy Maternity Robe

Black & White Maternity Robe